We’re often asked why we moved to Louisville from Maine, and the reasons are many.

The weather here is much more moderate than it is in Maine. Yes, there’s still a snow shovel in the garage, but it doesn’t see much use here. Oh, and the summers can be wicked uncomfortable, but air conditioning helps through the worst of it.

But there’s more.

Culturally, for a reasonably-sized city Louisville represents a richness that has many facets. It starts out with a diverse population that we missed in the years we lived in the northeast. There’s more to the equation: From live theater and dynamite restaurants to champion-level college sports and a minor league baseball team, to beautiful parks and walkable neighborhoods. Our fair city ticks most boxes for us.

But the cherry on top of the sundae for us is IdeaFestival. It has become an event that we look forward to every year about this time. You could say it’s Louisville’s TED or PopTech!, but that would just barely scratch the surface of what we have here. IdeaFestival, which bills itself as “a celebration for the intellectually curious.” Bottom line is it presents world class speakers through a local lense to deliver what I can only describe as just mind expanding.